Pro Photographer Collaborations - Three Red Ponies

Pro Photographer Collaborations

Hand painted digital portraits are a beautiful and unique high end product to offer your clients that can significantly increase your profits.

Custom portraits are hand painted, brushstroke by brushstroke using the same skills and techniques developed through decades of working with traditional pencils, charcoal, pastels, acrylics and oil paints.  I use a wacom tablet, digital paintbrush, real media emulation software Corel Painter and Photoshop and organic paint embellishments to transform your photograph into a painted masterpiece printed on fine art paper or canvas.

I am a multi-award winning artist who’s traditional and digital artwork has been collected by private collections around the world since 2003.  All work is done in house by myself. 

You can elect to receive the digital file to print yourself or have the printed canvas taken to the next level of completion with hand painted embellishments that add highlights and textural brushstrokes using artists quality paints and mediums.

Like all premium products, studio samples are the best way for your clients to appreciate the quality and value of these paintings.  Special pricing for studio samples is available.

horse portrait painting
Horse and dog painting from your photo
Custom dog painting from your photo
Pet dog portrait painting of a red and white pointer on blue background
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