Does your dog have what it takes to be a Model?

My dog photography model database is the first place I go when I look for commercial shoot models, want to test new equipment, explore creative ideas or create images for competitions, editorial and stock photography purposes.

Generally, when I hold these shoots there are quite specific requirements for the models from size and breed, to colour, coat length, age, confidence, personality and basic obedience (such as being able to sit/stay for 5-10 seconds).

Sometimes none of that matters and it’s a specific characteristic or personality trait that I’ll be looking for.

Sometimes I may require a puppy.

Border Collie Puppy Named Indi Fun Photo

Other projects may require a senior or elderly dog.

Border Collie Bolt Studio Photography

Sometimes I need a dog who can hold a down stay for 5-10 seconds (and not eat the tasty treats!).

Border Collie and Blackdog Treats Product Photography

Sometimes I need to capture the beautiful bond and unique connection shared with special family members.

Black and white dog kissing owner photo

Or a pair of dogs who are happy to climb up on things.

Two Golden Retriever dogs on hay roll - dog photography

Carry something in their mouth.

Border Collie playing ball

Or hold a sit stay for 5-10 seconds.

Belgian Shepherd dog photograph

Or be fast moving, athletic and full of energy.

Border Collie agility dog photography Bunbury 2019

Does your dog have what it takes to be a dog photography model? If you’re interested in having your dog added to my dog photography model database, find the details and application form here.


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