Equestrian Event Photography Website Update - Three Red Ponies

Equestrian Event Photography Website Update

All equestrian event photos since 2015 (with a list of archived events from 2007-2015) are available again at https://michellewrightonphotography.com.au/

I’ve had a number of computer and website challenges for the past few weeks so to resolve the event photo website as quickly as possible at this busy time of year, I have renewed with zenfolio. This means all your saved favourites and previous order details are still accessible if you have created an account on the website.


I’ve made a few changes to the digital options and the smallest Low Res download is now a much larger 1224 x 816 pixel image that will display on facebook in much better quality than the tiny web size downloads will.

There is a huge mis-understanding about digital photo file sizes, not just among consumers, but unfortunately with many photographers as well.

When it comes to purchasing digital photo downloads, the file size – ie the Megapixels – is irrelevant.

The only thing that matters is the pixel dimensions of the image.

For best quality on Facebook it is best to use images that are 2048 on the long side, but the low resolution 1224 x 816 pixels will do for viewing on most smaller laptop/ipad screens.

Medium Res digitals are 2121 x 1414 pixels, depending on the consumer lab used, they will suit facebook sharing and small size prints up to about 8×12″ maximum. The Original size digital download is recommended for medium and large size prints.


There is considerable technical requirements that impact quality for different size prints and substrates that cannot be accommodated for with online photo selling platforms such as Zenfolio.

This is why I manually edit, process and correct every single image that is purchased by my private session clients to suit the specific size and product ordered and also why I have my prints and Speciality Art products printed only by professional print labs that create the finest archival quality products in Australia.

These hand selected, high end products are exclusive to my private portrait photography clients want their precious memories to be preserved for a lifetime.

showjumping horse Bunbury agricultural show

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